Wifi HotSpot & Drone Production Services

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Starwavz provides customized and comprehensive WiFi hotspot solutions for live events, such as conferences, festivals, trade shows, and corporate events. Our services include:

  • Mobile WiFi hotspots: We provide portable WiFi hotspots with high-speed internet connectivity that can be deployed anywhere at an event venue.

  • Live event WiFi: We provide reliable WiFi connectivity for the production team, vendors, VIPs, and attendees during an event.

  • WiFi management: We provide on-site network support and management to ensure that the WiFi network is running smoothly and efficiently.



We understand that internet connectivity is vital for cloud-based technologies and can make or break an event. That's why we offer managed internet for events to ensure that everything runs smoothly without any outages. We know that hiring temporary managed internet can be costly, which is why we provide spare capacity on your network that can be onsold to sponsors and guests.

Our WiFi services are perfect for festivals and conferences of any size. We'll strategically place multiple access points around your site to ensure rock-solid internet coverage in all the important areas. Each access point can take 250+ users at a time.

Let's take your festival, for example. We understand that you'll have mission-critical devices scattered all around the site, and that each of these devices rely on internet connectivity to function flawlessly. Our expert network engineers will configure your network to ensure that guests don't pose a security threat to your critical devices or compromise their performance. We'll set up a separate SSID and password for guests and manage the amount of bandwidth available to the lower-priority guest network, while your priority production network remains secure and obscure.


We'll do the math to determine how much spare capacity your festival has, so that you can on-sell it to sponsors or directly to guests via a payment gateway. Our technology ensures that festival-goers never lose internet connectivity, even in areas with minimal 4G coverage on most carriers.

At Starwavz, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and affordable event WiFi services that can take your festival to the next level. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your festival a success!