Starwavz only works with the “Roam/RV” dish (currently $599 in the USA)

Yes it does!  You do not need the marine / maritime / high performance dish.  You do, however, need “priority data” enabled.  Whether you opt for a “pay as you go” or maritime plan, the ability to use Starwavz anywhere in the world is simply limited by the Starlink plan you choose to enroll in.

No.  Starwavz uses POE (power over ethernet) to power the dish and router with standard Cat5e network cables originating from 12v DC power.  The High Performance / In Motion dish requires 110v power due to the amperage requirement, and therefore will not run off 12v or without the original Starlink power supply.

No!  The beauty of Starwavz is the portability factor that allows you to use this device for business, pleasure or emergencies.  Whether it’s on your boat, RV, camper, truck, house or while backpacking etc many of our customers enjoy using the device both on land and in the ocean.  While the “priority/maritime” data plans will net faster speeds, they do not decipher your location and therefore charge for all data used throughout the monthly billing cycle.  The Starlink “Roam” plan provides unlimited data while on land, however it does not work in the ocean.  The “secret” that Starlink does not openly promote is the ability to have a standard “Roam” plan but toggle “priority” data in the app when you want either faster speeds or to use in the ocean.  When on land, simply uncheck the box and enjoy unlimited data for no additional charges beyond your standard monthly subscription.

Yes.  Many are under the impression you must have the high performance / in motion dish to use in motion.  While Starlink prefers you buy the more expensive hardware package, the only reason the “roam” dish is not authorized for in motion use is because the internal motors are not designed to be used at speed.  The dish will continue working, however the internal motors will likely fail and as a result void the warranty.  Starwavz modification eliminates the motors in order to combat these issues (now works at 80+ mph) and lays flat similar to the high performance dish.  And yes, it still voids the warranty.. While there is no guarantee Starlink won’t eventually modify its terms and conditions and enforce or cap the speed limit in the software, for now it works great.

Yes.  Our standard package comes with (4) premium Sea Sucker vacuum mounts that when secured are incredibly strong and work with a wide variety of materials.  We also offer rubber coated / non marring magnetic mounts that make attaching to steel surfaces (car/truck bodies, etc) extremely quick and secure.  For those of you who want something even more secure, we offer 1/4-20 studded rubber isolators that provide additional vibration dampening and a more permanent mounting option.

When Starlink was first made available there were limited satellites in the sky and the internal motors were helpful in acquiring the strongest signal.   Now with 1000s of satellites deployed into the sky, the phased array beam technology in each Starlink dish is able to decipher the strongest satellite signal without repositioning the dish.   The common consensus is the motors are simply not needed.  Performance loss is minimal and similar to an unmodified dish.

Starwavz has an onboard 360 watt hour lifepo4 battery that provides 8-10 hrs of use before having to re-charge.  For extended run times, we include a “cycle satiator” smart charger with various charging and power supply profiles.  When 220v/110v power is available this will power the unit and/or charge your battery simultaneously.   The cycle satiator is a fully sealed and fan free charger meaning it works in the harshest environments.  Hose it down, throw it in the sand, it’s still going to work!  If no AC power is available, we also include a 15ft 14ga DC power cord that can be connected to any 12v battery via cigarette adapter, alligator clips, or ring terminals.   Lastly, we have an optional 100w solar panel that plugs directly into Starwavz as well.