Starlink Wifi Mount for RV Dishy NEW

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The Starlink WiFi Mount is a 3D printed black ceiling/wall mount designed to securely hold the Starlink Wifi Router that comes with the V3 rectangular dish. This mount allows you to easily install and position your router in a convenient location, making it easy to access and maintain. It's designed for wall-mounting your Starlink router, and this sleek design is discrete and does not take much space.

This mount is perfect for any individual or organization that needs to have their Starlink router mounted in a specific location, this way it can provide better signal strength and coverage. It will also keep the router in a safe place, avoiding accidental damage.

The Starlink WiFi Mount is a versatile accessory that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of your Starlink router, particularly when it comes to mobile use.

One of the key advantages of this mount is its ability to optimize the signal strength and speed of the internet connection, especially for mobile use. The mount allows for proper placement of the dish to ensure that it is aimed towards the satellite for faster speeds.

This is particularly beneficial for users who frequently move their router or for those who live in areas with a lot of physical obstacles that can interfere with the signal.

Tested in temperatures up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit without deformation, making it suitable for a wide range of environments, including harsh weather conditions, this mount is ideal for those who want to ensure a stable and consistent internet connection while on the go.

Starlink WiFi Mount is a practical and functional solution for securely mounting your Starlink router, providing convenience and protection while ensuring optimal signal strength and coverage.

Materials: abs,3d printed