Rubber Coated Magnet Magnetic Mount D22*6mm / M4

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Specification: d22x6mm / screw M4

Material: NdFeB strong magnet + iron plate + thermoplastic elastomer rubber

Performance: N35

Maximum working temperature: - 40 ℃ - 80 ℃

Surface treatment: rubber sealed packaging


The strong magnetic rubber suction cup is composed of neodymium magnet and magneto King arranged in a certain magnetic circuit, and the interior is composed of multiple strong magnetic arrangements. The suction cup is completely covered with TPE rubber sealant, and the magnet is adsorbed. Direct contact surface. Prevent scratches on the adsorbed surface, protect the loss and damage caused by strong magnetoresistance, and improve the service life of strong magnetic suction cup.


It is applicable to automobile ceiling spotlight, automobile, van roof advertising light box, radio, loudspeaker, wedding car flower plate, camera fixing, automobile electronic salute fixing, industrial tooling and factory equipment installation and fixing.


Directly adsorbed on the surface of the object. Keep the IC card away from children, children and children.