Starlink Mobile Mount Generation 3

Regular price $149.00

Starlink's latest offering, the Generation 3 Starlink Standard Dish, has been recently unveiled and is now available for purchase.

For those seeking a secure and convenient mounting solution for their Gen 3 Starlink on boats, RVs, or vehicles, the Starwavz Flatmount is the perfect low-profile choice.

The Gen 3 Starwavz Flatmount is suitable for both permanent and temporary installations on various vehicle types, including vans, RVs, box trucks, campers, boats, and sailboats. Multiple mounting options are available as indicated in the drop-down menu.

Please note that if you have a curved roof, while the mount itself has some flexibility, you may need to consider using our pivoting leg adapters for optimal surface area contact when utilizing rubber-coated magnets, hard mounts, or suction cups. 

Additionally, for fixed mount options through bolt, we provide a custom-designed release lever. This simplifies the removal of the dish from the mount whenever desired, allowing you to quickly relocate it to another spot, such as for home use or away from the vehicle when parked under trees.

It's important to mention that this mount has been engineered and tested for normal driving conditions and turbulence, including speeds at or slightly above highway speeds.

Installation is a breeze—simply press the tabs on the Starlink kickstand, slide it out, and then slide in the Starwavz flatmount until it securely clicks in place.

Note: It remains the responsibility of the end user to ensure the mount is appropriately secured for their needs.