Starlink Cable Plug Protectors Flexy Cover

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Introducing the Starlink Cable Connector Cover, a simple yet essential piece of equipment for those who frequently set up and take down their Starlink Gen2 (rectangular disk) equipment. This cover is designed to protect your Starlink cable connectors from dirt, debris, and physical damage, which can prevent the connectors from being used.

This product includes two items, one for the "Dishy" antenna and the other for the WiFi router side of the Starlink ethernet cable. Made out of flexible TPU plastic, it offers protection without adding too much weight to your equipment. A hard plastic ABS version is also available without a tether. The plastic cover comes in high visibility color to be easily seen, but custom colors are available upon request.

Please note that this product is designed to fit the Starlink (rectangular disk) equipment, and the design may vary slightly over time due to customer feedback and improvements. And the item is always in stock, shipping typically the same day if ordered before 3 PM PST.

This product is an essential accessory for anyone who frequently sets up and takes down their Starlink equipment. It will protect your cable connectors, ensuring that your equipment is always ready to use, it also offers an easy way to keep track of your cables and accessories,

The Starlink Cable Connector Cover is a simple and effective solution to protect your Starlink Gen2 (rectangular disk) cable connectors from dirt, debris and physical damage, it's made out of flexible TPU, it comes in a high visibility color, but also available in custom colors. The item is always in stock and shipping quickly.

Materials: Tpu