Rubber Coated Magnet 4 Pack 6mm

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Neodymium Rubber Coated Magnet

Rubber coated magnet pots are made up of 1pcs super strong neodymium magnets and a backed steel plate which was encapsulated by a rubber, it has a special multiple pole magnetic instruction and the adhesive force of these neodymium magnets have been amplified a lot. Its rubber coating can protects the sensitive ferrous surface from scratch like painting ,polished or other sensitive surface.

Attached to ferrous surface of vehicle , metal shelving and kinds of machines , the magnet pot can create a permanent or temporary fixing point avoiding fixing into.

Product Specs:

1. Part Name: D32mm Disc Magnet with M6 External Thread and coated Rubber

2. Material: Neodymium Magnet+A3steel + Rubber

3. Size: D32mm (Diameter) *6mm (Magnetic Base Height)

4. Vertical Hold-force: 25lbs / 12KG    

Product features:

1 .Strong Pull-force 12KG on base of 10mm steel plate

2. Rubber Coating avoid scratch of printing or other sensitive ferrous surface;

3. Numerous Application: Cameras, Video Platform, Working &signal lighting , equipment, Mounting

4.Quantity: 4pcs magnets per package